Factorio – 6 to 2 belt balancer

Our Factorio tutorial on building a 6 belt to 2 belt balanced reducer.

This belt balancer will reduce 6 belts down to 2 and provide an evenly balanced load both from and to all the belts involved. This design is great for unloading both sides of a train car. Each train car in Factorio can have 6 inserters reaching each side of the car. You’ve probably noticed that your inserters will only deposit their items on one side of a belt. If you combing two belts, though, they become a full load. Reducing each side of a train car to 3 belts give you 6 belts total, which you can further reduce down to 2 belts using this design.

One great thing about this design is that it has an unused belt on the exit end that, if you extend out, will transform it into a 6 to 3 belt balancer, which we’ll cover in our next post. Yes, both the 6 to 2 and 6 to 3 versions are balanced!

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