About BLUF

Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF) Gaming makes videos that provide the key information first.  

After noticing that most YouTube videos spend a lot of time building up to the key information they’re supposed to provide, we decided to create a new channel that provides all that information as soon as the video starts. Just like on this page where the first sentence tells you exactly what BLUF is, all our videos do the same.

Need a design for a game we cover? Quit waiting through long intros and pleas for subscriptions before you get your information. We put it first. Intros and exhaustive discussion can come after. No more skipping around trying to find the information you’re after.

Want to know what we think of a game? The rating will be the first thing you see. Stick around for longer if you like and we’ll tell you why, but if you just wanted a quick result, it’s there at the top of our article and first seconds of the video.