Factorio – Basic 2-rail intersection

Our first Factorio train tutorial showing how to make a basic 2-rail intersection.

This is our first video covering trains in Factorio. We’re starting very simple and will be slowly working our way toward more complex rail systems. This video covers how to make a simple rail crossing where two separate rail lines safely intersect thanks to proper rail signal placement.

Factorio – 4 to 3 belt balancer

This tutorial covers how to reduce 4 belts to 3 belts in Factorio while maintaining a balanced load.

A useful design for reducing lanes when you need to save space or reconfigure your load to fit your factory. This design will take items from 4 incoming belts and reduce it to an evenly balanced load on 3 outgoing belts. This design, like our others posted so far, does not neglect incoming belts so you don’t have to worry about backups slowing your production.