Factorio – 3 to 6 belt balancer

This Factorio tutorial shows the design for a 3 belt to 6 belt splitter with balanced loads.

This design is very useful for train depots. A train car can only be accessed by 6 inserters per side, so you often need to split your items into 6 different belts to minimize the amount of time your trains wait at the depot. This design will take an even or uneven load from 3 belts and evenly distribute the items onto 6 belts.

Factorio – 3 to 4 belt splitter

A 3 belt to 4 belt splitter for Factorio that results in an evenly distributed outgoing load.

If you have 3 belts of items that you need to split into 4, but you don’t want to just half the contents of a single belt, this 3 to 4 belt balancer will give you an even distribution of items in 4 outgoing belts. If you happen to have different items in the left and right lanes of the 3 incoming belts, this design (and all our other balancers, as well) will maintain that left-to-right segregation of items for you.

Factorio – 3 belt balancer

In this Factorio tutorial we show how to evenly balance the load on 3 belts.

Quite often you’ll have multiple belts of the same item, but it’s not evenly distributed among the belts they’re on. The design in this YouTube tutorial shows how to balance a load on 3 belts so that the outgoing 3 belts all have the same amount. This is useful when you need to load an even amount of items into multiple chests or train cars, or if you’re trying to optimize the operation of your factory.

Factorio – 3 to 2 belt balancer

Another Factorio tutorial, this time showing how to move 3 belts into 2 in a balanced fashion.

In the cases where you need to reduce 3 belts to 2, and you want all three feeder belts to be drawn from equally, use this design detailed in our most recent video. If all three belts are carrying two different items, segregated into left and right lanes, this balancer will not disturb their segregation.

Factorio – 3 to 1 belt balancer

Here is our Factorio tutorial showing how to build a 3 to 1 belt balancer that reduces the number of belts used while drawing an even amount from each incoming belt.

This 3 to 1 belt balancer is particularly useful at train depots, as two of them are sufficient to provide egress for all 6 inserters capable of unloading from one side of a single train car. If you are carrying two items on each belt, each segregated into their own lane, this belt balancer will keep those items separate in the same lanes after they’re combined into 1.

Factorio – 2 to 7 belt balanced splitter

This Factorio tutorial covers the building of a balanced 2 to 7 belt splitter.

This splitter, which has questionable usefulness, evenly divides 2 belts worth of incoming items into 7 outgoing belts. If each belt is carrying two different items, each segregated to their own left or right lane, this balancer will ensure they maintain that segregation after being sorted into the 7 outgoing lanes.

Factorio – 2 to 6 belt balanced splitter

This Factorio tutorial demonstrates how to build a balanced 2 to 6 belt splitter.

This belt balancer is very useful at train depots. Each train car can only be accessed by 6 inserters from each side, so a 1 to 6 or 2 to 6 belt splitter is often needed. This design shows you how to build such a splitter that provides an equal amount of items to each of the outgoing 6 belts. Providing an equal amount ensures that all your inserters are able to work for the same amount of time, decreasing the amount of time your trains have to wait in the depot to be loaded.

Factorio – 2 to 3 belt balanced splitter

This video shows how to split two belts into 3 balanced belts.

This Factorio tutorial demonstrates how to split 2 belts into 3 outgoing belts in a balanced fashion, rather than just leaving a single belt alone while splitting a second 50/50. This technique can be useful for evenly loading buffer chests at a train depot, since a train car can only be reached by 6 inserters per side.